Konsole - KDE's Terminal Emulator

[konqi@kde ~]$ cd $HOME
[konqi@kde ~]$ echo "Welcome home"
Welcome home
[konqi@kde ~]$ echo "Konsole is KDE's Terminal Emulator"
Konsole is KDE's Terminal Emulator
[konqi@kde ~]$ cat konsole_features.txt
* Multiple tabs support
* Multiple profiles support
* Silence and Activity monitoring
* Bookmark support
* Searching
* Saving output
* Split screen


Screenshot Konsole with multiple tabs
Konsole supports multiple tabs per windows.
Screenshot Konsole with split screen
Konsole windows can be split vertically and horizontally.
Screenshot Konsole with multiple profiles
Konsole support multiple profiles, each profile contains its own configuration.

Konsole is also integrated into multiple other KDE Applications making it easier to reach and more convenient. For example, KDevelop, Kate and Dolphin all use Konsole as an integrated terminal emulator.

Screenshot Dolphin with Konsole
Dolphin using the integrate Konsole widget.
Screenshot Kate with Konsole
Use Konsole directly from within Kate.